Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg
Am Stadtmuseum 4-8
26121 Oldenburg

Helene von Oldenburg: Janssen Revisited

Exhibition from May 13 till September 24, 2017


Photo: Franziska-von-den-Driesch

In 2016, the Horst Janssen Museum was fortunate enough to acquire a major private collection from Hamburg. Some of the works have already been shown here. We decided to explore a new perspective on these familiar pieces, so we asked Helene von Oldenburg – an artist who moves on the borderline between art, science and media – to develop a new approach to Horst Janssen and to cast her very subjective eye on the 300 newly acquired works.

© Helene von Oldenburg

In “Janssen Revisited,” Helene von Oldenburg analyses the drawings of Horst Janssen up close and in detail. She dissects them into the tiniest of segments and transposes these into a limited number of characters, creating a font that can be accessed via the Horst Janssen Museum Website » and used on any computer or smartphone. In the museum, one can follow the steps she took – from deciphering the elements in his drawings to creating the new characters.

Anyone can try out the font: Helene von Oldenburg invites museum visitors to experiment by writing on paper, smartphones or blackboards. They can also use rubber stamps to create their own designs using the new characters.

© Helene von Oldenburg

Reduction to the smallest of details is only one way of focusing our gaze on Janssen’s drawings. Helene von Oldenburg also experiments with overpainting on glass and with various hangings and backgrounds, thus creating a new, non-museal space. Within this environment she presents Janssen’s drawings both as works of art and as material for her own artistic creations.

© (Horst Janssen) VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2017
© (Horst Janssen) VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2017