Graphic novels in Germany today

The Ninth Art
“The Ninth Art” – the art of the comic – is the subject of the first major collaborative exhibition involving our three institutions: the Stadtmuseum Oldenburg, the Horst Janssen Museum and the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art. Each museum will present its own take on the graphic novel, a sub-branch of the “Ninth Art” combining text and images in a unique way. Each exhibition will have a self-contained focus, but together will form three chapters of the same narrative.

© Anna Haifisch

Chapter I:
The history of comics

February 3 – April 2, Stadtmuseum Oldenburg

Chapter II:
Graphic novels in Germany today

February 3 – May 6, Horst Janssen Museum

Chapter III:
Unwanted stories

February 1 to April 2, Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art

© Reinhard Kleist

Chapter II: Graphic novels in Germany today
This exhibition features the work of thirteen contemporary German comic artists recognized both at home and abroad, starting with Hans Hillmann, a pioneer in the German graphic novel. Rather than focusing on the comic prints and books themselves, this show examines the original drawings and prehistory. Visitors can have a close look at how each artist approaches a project, at the diversity of tools, manuscript and storytelling styles, and technical methods.

© Simon Schwartz

Variety of topics
Not only do the presented graphic novels reflect a variety of techniques; they also are thematically diverse, relating all kinds of dramatic experiences, everyday stories and personal traumas. Small-scale catastrophes are entangled with large-scale political upheavals. One is as likely to encounter historical events as current societal themes. While some works are autobiographical or biographical, others deal with world literary classics or even with comics as reportage.

Anke Feuchtenberger, Anna Haifisch, Barbara Yelin, Birgit Weyhe, Felix Pestemer, Hans Hillmann, Isabel Kreitz, Jakob Hinrichs, Lukas Jüliger, Max Baitinger, Olivier Kugler, Reinhard Kleist, Simon Schwartz, Ulli Lust

The exhibition’s supporting program includes a wide range of hands-on opportunities, including artist-led comic workshops, comic book readings, a comic book exchange, live drawing events and book-signings.

© Ulli Lust

Joint ticket and guided tours
You‘d like to visit all three exhibits? Get a joint ticket at any of the three museums; it’s valid until the closing date of each exhibition. You’d rather absorb all three chapters of The Ninth Art in one day – a total immersion? Drop in any Sunday for a public tour: starting at 11:00 at the Stadtmuseum, at 14:00 at the Horst Janssen Museum and at 16:00 at the Edith-Russ-Haus.